How to play tamiya in order for speeding

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Play Tamiya 
Tamiya cars, this was all his father's hobby is actually from the first. Until now these toys still remains a favorite toy papa qiral. Eventually, the qiral participated also attracted hooked like the tamiya. Well .... it sure lah adherents, if father again pulled out a suitcase rack tamiya, qiral took part. Originally just a followup participated hold, eventually bought his own suitcase tamiya. If you have Dad's large size, whereas qiral got a rather small. 

Ohh ... glad the child's mother. It's been like adults who understand that default-default tamiya, tamiya framework in service. Patiently, his father guided him. Qiral had a lot of tables ..., spare part or key the key is also complete. So such as tamiya, season again stayed open her suitcase. Living stringing tamiya, everything is ready. When it's the name of the open suitcase tamiya, can a day of father qiral in front of the same tamiya. There is a level of the also. his name is also a hobby, want any age nonetheless still consistent. 

How to Play Tamiya

Hemmmm .... important positive, still his mom's will always support. Create the same papa qiral .... come on the spirit of it all. Make his firm tamiya, let me later down the track in the fitting, can be at the leading edge. 

The spirit of the whole thing. ... How to make a tamiya so speeding: first of all there are select chassis that is flexible and supple can wear the SUPER ONE or HJH according to taste, if rather wear a Dynamo in the Middle can use the chassis type of AODA, once the chassis has been obtained further try choosing alloy wheels and axles that hardiness can use this type of teflon or use USA type NACHI, NSK bearing for him don't forget ya ... 

as it will make the speed of Tamiya so speeding , with rounds that light then dinamo's performance so much the maximum course. 

For mounting wheels and his u.s. try to utilise the installer traker n o.. because it would be more precise installation and not twisted, once attached can be dibubut used to be the size of the right and left sides of the vehicle so the same and use the caliper as a measurement tool and the glass mats to see visually, to balance his sticks could wear the type of carbon or more. 

The key to the speed of the bearing is Tamiya USA and the main thing is the tube sets his Dynamo must wear BEARING too so all full bearing if you want his tamiya so speeding ... because the playback system is used, and if using busing how do. .. 

that clearly will be different than the wear of bearings. model reels For the use of the magnet, try wearing just the default IE magnet black ... no need to wear a stong because too heavy, if it can be thinner his magnet would be better, for her wearing size rotor 12 mm wire used for larger diameter, i.e. 0, 6 mm, if too hard when wrapped around him could wear smaller i.e. 0, 5 mm may only undertake lilit try wire coil is not out of rotor because it can be fatal due to friction with the tube Dynamo.

For battery 2000mah can wear due to large diameter coil used battery capacity so follow well. 

With the coil above the time tested dispeed cheker can penetrate 99km/hour, probably more because the measurement is also much for a fixed maximum. For engineering unwind can see the included images could double and could singgle ... "If there are any questions can be asked via the comments below", regards Tamiya .... go ... go ... go. ....
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